Managing the Stress of a Person with the Help of God

People have different stresses in lives. It can be in the type of inconveniences, problems that are chronic, or life events and issues that are major. Stress can be a result of lines that are long at the stores or from the demands at work and even at work. People can also be stressed by the loss of a family member by holding resentment that is deep against a person. View bible verses about going deeper with God

When people thing or experience situations that are stressful, the brain of a person activates the systems that are nervous and endocrine for preparing to fight or even flight. Chemicals and hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are released into the body. This leads to a rise in metabolism, the pressure of the blood, and the rate of the heart and can even have effects that are psychological that are harmful in the case that they are released in a manner that is continuous for a period that is long of a time. The challenge of people regarding their health is minimizing the length of time and frequency that the nervous system of people stays aroused in a way that is chronical. In situations like this, the help of God will assist an individual. See abundant life meaning

In Psalms 119:143, the Bible says that as stress and pressure bears a person down, people need to find joy in the command of God. Jesus assured people that he is leaving people with a gift of peace in their minds and heart. And the peace that Jesus left for people is the gift that a person cannot get from the world. Therefore, a person should not be troubled and even afraid is what people are assured of in the book of John. In the book of Mathew God wants people to go to him, all of the people that are weary and carry burdens that are heavy because God promises that he will give rest to such people.
People can expect a given degree of stress in their lives yet the same people can be prepared better for handling it is if a person starts the day with some time that is quiet with God. It is clear, the days that people start off with time that is devotional will be better when a comparison is made with the other days that a person does not read material that is devotional and spend time praying.

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