Biblical Ways Of Going Deeper With God

Jesus, in His teaching, said that anyone who hunger and thirst for God’s righteousness will be completely filled and satisfied. It is the pursuit and calling of every Christian to desire to move closer to God. Getting closer to God is a deliberate step, which is always rewarding. The following is guidance from scripture on how a Christian can go deeper with God. See scriptures on managing emotions

First, you need to recognize your spiritual identity. You must know yourself in spiritual terms so that you can move in the right direction with God. When you first believed it is probably because you learned that God loves you so much, even though you do not deserve it and that He had to sacrifice His only son to save you. Sin had total control over us, and our fate was sealed the day our first parents sinned. There was no other way except to have a substitute who will pay the ultimate price.

Jesus took our position on the cross, and that means we mean so much to God. God knows each of us by name, and you should always remind yourself that you matter. When you believe that God has a personal interest in the things that happen in your life, you will be more motivated to seek His face and thus draw closer to Him. The bible mentions that we are a chosen and peculiar generation to carry on the purposes of God in this world. Christians are encouraged to set apart in their hearts Christ Jesus as Lord and savior. View this article

When you have found your identity in Christ Jesus, the next important thing in the journey towards getting more in-depth with God is to arm yourself with His word. It is crucial that you let your inner self to be governed by God at all times. The bible is likened as the spiritual sword which is capable of cutting away any false ideas and believes as well as helping us detach from worldly things that would otherwise harm us.

Drawing closer to God demands that you pour your life out to help in His kingdom. The gospel of Jesus is free, but those who choose to follow Jesus are called to lose their lives and let Christ live in them for the glory and honor of His name and the establishment of His Kingdom through genuine service to others.

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